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Welcome to Pickwick Players, a local Community Theater and nonprofit organization (also a 501c3)!
Pickwick Players to Dissolve!  (see announcement below)
For more information send inquiry by mail  to PickWick Players P.O Box 1095 %INBB, Douglas Mass., 01516 or email Donna Bishop at the following email address - dmaebishop@rcn.com -or- call 508 476-1980

July 21, 2009 - Pickwick Players is in the process of dissolving.  The Time has come for Pickwick to take it's final bow!  Pickwick, as noted below, has essentially been inactive for the past years due greatly to the board members being actively involved in day to day jobs or other non-profit ventures.  The assets of Pickwick players will be divested in the future - (hopefully, to a local Community non-profit theater) unless a merger of non-profits presents itself. 
I'll keep this website online as it contains a very important history of the Pickwick Players!  If you have any questions or otherwise commentary, please feel free to contact Donna Bishop at the email address above.
October 26, 2008 - we regret to inform all Pickwick Player family, supporters & thespians that one of our own patrons, Peter Coppola has passed away (see memoriam page).
2006 thru '08 have been quiet for Pickwick.  Many of the mainstay directors who double as coordinators,  directors and play sponsors have been occupied in a number of matters outside of theater.  The venue where plays have been held for a number of years recently has gone through a complete reconstruction of it's buildings.  It is something to see, when the hallways are no longer there and just the shell stands and now a really great looking facility.
If you would like to assist Pickwick's directors in producing a show please contact Donna (dmaebishop@rcn.com) to discuss this possibility.  Hopefully, 2008 will bring additional theater to the blackstone valley and south worcester county!
RESERVE your seat NOW if there is an upcoming playSee The upcoming Performance Page for Dates/Times & Reservation Number -or- Click the Get TIckets Picture!

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Mission Statement

Fostering and encouraging the development of, and commitment to, the highest standards by a community theater throughout Southern Worcester County & Blackstone Valley, including standards of excellence for production, management, and community relations.

Theatre for Community:  Engaging, Enriching Entertaining!
The performing arts is a wonderful forum for learning.  It is the objective of Pickwick to use theatrical productions as a vehicle to reach all ages and to help each individual realize some personal challenges and goals in an atmosphere promoting fun and creativity.  Many of our adut actors have been away from performing for some time or have never acted at all.  Pickwick welcomes the newcomer, and the amateur whether on stage or behind the scenes. 

Pickwick Players started in 1997 as local theater based group.  Since 1997 there have been performances through-out the BlackStone Valley in Worcester County.

From a Past Performance of I Hate Hamlet
Deidre - Christine Galeone, Gary - Mike MacInnis & Felicia - Donna Bishop

Other Past Performances have included; Snow White, The Wizard of Oz, Dead Men Don't Need Dress Rehersals and Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp.  Scroll through the pages to see these and many other plays that Pickwick has performed through-out the Blackstone Valley for those who enjoy local community theatre.


Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.

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