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This page will provide past and future activities of Pickwick and it's volunteers.  Check out the latest happenings within the organization.

Ok, it's not Main St., USA! But, it is Main St., in Douglas as Pickwick turns out to assist the E.N. Jenckes store in dress & fashion of the 1800's.


Octoberfest Parade and the Pickwick Players - Douglas Mass.

Last one in the Pool, is a Sponge Bob!

Robin Hood
after Show Cast Party

More from the 2005 One Act Play;  The Sunrise Actors Studio performed another original one act entitled Play Date. This comedy about parenting won the Best Original Play category.


Judy Lashley and JoAnn Griffin directed an excerpt from, Uncle Phil’s Diner (below), a musical where the diner’s staff must improvise the entertainment for their patrons’ pleasure when the regular entertainers fail to arrive.

from the 2005 One Act Play Festival on the Mumford

Recent Events

From the 2005 - 3rd Annual One Act Play Festival on the Mumford was sponsored by Alternatives, Pickwick Players Community Theatre Company and The Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation. The festival was a great success in every way.
This year’s festival was judged by Linda and Tom Saupe. Linda has been very active in the Worcester area theater community as both a director and an actor. Tom Saupe is a former theater professor and managing director. He has also worked as a producer, designer and actor in the Worcester area.


Labels are for Soup Cans, an original play conceived, performed and written by the students of Northbridge Middle School and Caroline Ramian, won the award for Best Play at the One Act Play Festival on the Mumford.
The play dealt with various peer groups of middle school students deciding whether or not to attend a school dance - a variety of pressures and problems facing today’s youth are openly discussed and resolved.


Flop Cop, directed by John Deedy and performed by Dave Mavricos and Kyle Kilcoyne of St. John’s HS, Shrewsbury, had the audience laughing as a police officer, in the best tradition of film noir, tries to subdue an unruly playwright.


James Bronwell won the Best Actor award for his monologue entitled Sitting on the Bench, in which a British coal miner laments his failure to become a judge.

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.

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