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Pickwick Players Grow in Stages!


A local Community Theater Group that began in 1997 as a creative outlet for Valley residents.

The peforming arts is a wonderful forum for learning.  It is the objective of Pickwick to use theatrical productions as a vehicle to reach all ages and to help each individual realize some personal challenges and goals in an atmosphere promoting fun and creativity.  Many of our adult actors have been away from performing for some time or have never acted at all.  Pickwick welcomes the newcomer, the amateur and the experienced whether on stage or behind the scenes.

Pickwick Players, Inc. is a volunteer regional theater organization based in Douglas and made up of a group of people from surrounding towns, who love the theater and the feeling of shared creativity experienced while taking part in a live stage production. It is the intent of the Pickwick Players to encourage the development of community theater in Southern Worcester County, to stage live theater performances for residents of the region, and to provide opportunities for everyone, especially amateurs and newcomers, in all aspects of stage production, be it lighting, advertising, set design, acting, music, financial management, design and publishing of programs, or any of the many tasks necessary for the successful production of plays.

Summer performances are always geared for the young and young at heart. The productions are large enough to provide a venue for young actors, as well as seasoned regulars, providing youth opportunities both on stage and behind the scenes.

Winter productions will typically have an adult cast and be directed towards a more mature audience.


To attend a performance or see what is upcoming click here!

The Board of Directors spends hundreds of hours throughout the year developing strategy and plans to improve and execute the Pickwick Mission.  This vision and goals of Pickwick have been to encourage the development of community theater in Southern Worcester County.  Pickwick has expended it's network to include the communities of Northbridge, Uxbridge & Sutton.  Pickwick programs are made possible through grants, ticket sales, sponsor and donations.
The Board of Directors are:  Donna Bishop, Deb Larsen, Dennis Rice,  and Jeff St. Jean. Sincere thanks to former directors;  Priscilla Arbuckle, Rev. Jim Bronwell, Sharon Guntharp.

The group has grown steadily ever since 1997, producing everything from dramas to children's plays and offering workshops on acting and directing.  The success of Pickwick has encouraged other theater groups in the areach, which network with each other and exchange actors for various projects.  Pickwick, as with most any community theater, there is no limelight without the grunt work.  The star of the show still sets up chairs and the director is part of the set-up and break-down crew. 
Pickwick Players is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  To find out more about how Pickwick might compliment your community activity or to get information about Pickwick in general, contact any one of the Board members through our Pickwick hotline at (508)476 1980.

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